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Garage Door Repair Sherwood Park

Garage Door Opener Installation

The quality of garage door opener installation determines your safety. So call us if you plan to install a new opener in Sherwood Park, Alberta. We are experts in residential operating systems made by any large brand. Our techs are available to guide you when you are seeking the ideal opener or want to know more about motors. The intention of Garage Door Repair Sherwood Park is to ensure each client has a powerful electric garage system he/she can trust.Garage Door Opener Installation Sherwood Park

We install garage door opener drive types ranging from belt and screw to chain. As experts in trolley residential opener systems, our pros will install but also repair any brand, type, and model with equal precision. You can depend on our techs responding fast when you want opener repairs and always count on our efficiency when we cover your Sherwood Park garage door opener installation requests.

Which opener is best for you?

Most residential doors utilize a trolley system, which comes out in three different drive types. Each has its pros and cons and what we do at our company is to inform you about them and recommend the best solution for your overhead opener installation needs.

  • The chain drive opener utilizes a chain to pull and push the carriage which in turn will pull and push the arm. And so the door will go up and down. It makes noise and it’s inexpensive.
  • For quiet operation, prefer a belt drive type. Whether from Liftmaster, Marantec, or Genie, it will work fine with your door. It’s silent because it is made of rubber. It’s more expensive.
  • Somewhere in the middle – in terms of noise and price – stands the screw drive system. This is completely different since it utilizes a threaded metal rod.

For garage door opener installation and repair, come to us

Whichever drive type you want or have, you can count on our garage door opener repair and installation services. Whether the opener is by Chamberlain or Craftsman, our pros have the experience and updated knowledge to service and install it. So reach out to us whenever you have problems or need reliable garage door opener installation in Sherwood Park, AB.

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